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The conservative echo chamber, from talk radio to Fox News, has been out in force, peddling the idea that Scott Roeder was a lone wolf and not representative of the "pro-life" movement. Bullshit.

Operation Rescue claimed no link to Roeder, said they were "shocked" at the violence, and that they work through legitimate peaceful means. And yet Roeder had the phone number for an Operation Rescue senior policy advisor, Cheryl Sullenger, in his car. Ms. Sullenger first claimed that she had no contact with Scott Roeder. Then, she changed her story to say that he would call and ask where and when Dr. Tiller's hearings were. (Which time was she lying-her first story, her second story, or both?)

What I find most damaging to Operation Rescue's claim that they renounce violence is that Ms. Sullenger, a senior policy advisor, was convicted in 1988 for conspiracy to bomb abortion clinics in California. A: It is suspicious that Roeder was in contact with Sullenger. B: It is suspicious that Sullenger lied about these contacts. C: Even if we pretend, er, assume, that Roeder was a lone wolf, how can Operation Rescue claim to be a peaceful anti-abortion group while hiring a would-be-clinic-bomber in a senior-level position?

I'll close with the promised comment on conservative media hypocrisy. Killing a preeminent abortion provider in the hopes that not only will it limit women's choices, it will also send a message to other would-be providers? A simple murder committed by a lone wolf, how dare anyone presume to paint the anti-abortion movement with the same brush, and hey, Tiller was a bad guy anyway-did you know he provided, *gasp*, abortions? On the other hand, a bunch of people anonymously torch cars at a Humvee dealership, and the right wing media goes crazy denouncing domestic eco-terrorists, left wing protesters in general, and work their way up from denouncing ALF to PETA to vegetarians to anyone who has a problem with abusing animals.

Kill an abortion provider, it's not terrorism, it's merely murder, and the victim was a bad person anyways. Kill humvees, on the other hand, it's domestic terrorism. Nice standard, guys. Nice.
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