May. 26th, 2008

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So, as I said, I'm pretty new to LJing. My impression from reading others' LJ is that is more of a public diary than a blog-is it a netiquette violation to use LJ to discuss current events?

I thought to ask after seeing this CNN headline: "Bill Clinton: 'Cover up' hiding Hillary Clinton's chances." Beyond my belief that this is patently untrue and an example of the Clinton campaign once again employing a shifting metric after losing the previous one, I am amazed that Bill Clinton has the chutzpah to toss around coverup accusations!

Ooh-and one more LJ netiquette question-is it preferred to have one, long LJ entry on multiple topics, or to break them up into topic posts?

I ask because on a wholly unrelated note, empanadas! I finally found a place that sells Panas empanadas. Panas is based in Rockville and makes all kinds of tasty gourmet empanadas, including my favorites, the Popeye (Sauteed Spinach and Onions, Golden Raisins, Toasted Hazelnuts and Goat Cheese) and the BrieArt (Brie Cheese, Mushrooms & Artichokes Hearts). The problem is that you have to buy a lot if you get it directly from them. Well, I stumbled upon the Bethesda Coop today while looking for fresh veggies (I had never been there before) and lo and behold, they sell Panas empanadas. Huzzah! I just had one Popeye and one BrieArt (and a salad) for lunch. They were tasty! DC folks-you really should try them, if you haven't yet.
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I love my Calphalon 12" Frying Pan. I bought it in August 2005 from the Crate & Barrel across from the law school for about $80, on sale from an original price of $150 because it was discontinued. It is heavy, had a great non-stick finish (foreshadowing here, I know!), and did a decent job with browning.

Unfortunately, I was washing it a few days ago (by hand with a sponge, I don't put this one in the dishwasher!) and the non-stick finish is apparently coming off in a few spots. Not good. :/ I was hoping to get more than three years out of this pan!

Calpahalon DOES have a lifetime warranty for this pan, but I don't know if that is for obvious manufacturing defects or if they will claim abuse and not replace it. They evaluate the claim if one mails the pan into them, and you have to mail it in on one's own nickel. Given the cost of shipping, is it worth mailing them the pan, or should I try finding a cheaper frying pan to replace it? It will probably cost at least $15-$20 to mail it to Calphalon, with no guarantee they'll help me, and Ikea and Target sell cheap frying pans for around $20-25. On the other hand, this was an expensive frying pan, high-quality, I liked it, and I was comfortable with it. On the other other hand, I don't want to be throwing money at a sunk cost (don't throw good money after bad and all).

Anyone have any suggestions?


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